JP25 - Update

We're finally starting to see some upsets affect the polls. Arizona State's late night loss to UNLV sent the Sun Devils flying down the chart ten spots to #21. BYU absolutely throttled UCLA which knocked the Bruins out of the top 25. Tennessee struggled against UAB, so that combined with UCLA's bad loss gets them knocked out of the poll for the time being.

I made some slight adjustments near the top of the poll because Missouri is playing lights out right now. Their offense is deadly and I'm not sure how many teams are going to be able to slow down Chase Daniel and Jeremy Maclin. Penn State continues to be a team on the rise. Auburn on the other hand can't score points to save their life so I have officially knocked them down to third in the SEC West behind LSU and Alabama. Until they put at least one formation back in the playbook that isn't out of the shotgun, they will be banished from my top ten because I don't think they can win big SEC games with their current dilly dally offense.

Top 25 (last week, record)
1. Georgia (1, 3-0)
2. Texas (2, 2-0)
3. USC (3, 2-0)
4. Oklahoma (5, 3-0)
5. Missouri (7, 3-0)
6. Florida (4, 2-0)
7. Penn State (8, 3-0)
8. LSU (9, 2-0)
9. Ohio State (6, 2-1)
10. Alabama (12, 3-0)
11. Oregon (13, 3-0)
12. Wisconsin (14, 3-0)
13. Auburn (10, 3-0)
14. East Carolina (15, 3-0)
15. Clemson (15, 2-1)
16. Texas Tech (17, 3-0)
17. South Florida (24, 3-0)
18. Kansas (20, 2-1)
19. Utah (19, 3-0)
20. BYU (--, 3-0)
21. Arizona State (11, 2-1)
22. Illinois (18, 2-1)
23. Connecticut (--, 3-0)
24. West Virginia (25, 1-1)
25. Nebraska (--, 3-0)

Dropped Out: UCLA (21), Tennessee (22), California (23)
Just Missed The Cut: Fresno State, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Florida State, Michigan State, Purdue


B.Pike said...

Texas #2 over USC!!!!!!!!!!! you have to be kidding. If Texas played USC right now it would be about the same score that Ohio St got. Wow! ECU still a little high for me, they have to prove they belong with consistency. UCONN I almost put them in and they are on the watch list.

Wow Texas over USC....hmmmmmm

J.Pike said...

Yeah, I might have to check myself in the JP25 next week.

Hookem! said...

No way usc beats Texas by 32. No, they may not beat usc, but we keep it within 10.

J.Pike said...

Texas would definitely make it a game with USC. Texas has way more speed defensively than Ohio State.