BP Week 6 POLL

Well the College Football Snow Globe got tossed and turned this weekend and I love every minute of it. I hope there is 10 teams with two losses this year so the BCS can be busted. Well lets take a look at the wreckage and who holds the #1 spot.

1. Oklahoma (4-0) Beat TCU 35-10 Next up: at Baylor
Oklahoma took care of business and now is the new #1 team. Sam Bradford and Co. are humming, he passed for 411 and Manuel Johnson reeled in 206 of them. Next on the chopping block is Baylor and QB Robert Griffin, my partner alerted me to this speciman and he doesn't disappoint. He almost beat UCONN up north and the Huskies play tough up there. If Oklahoma decides to look ahead to the Red River it could be stung......Not going to happen, OU will make them look like Baylor.
Pike Stat: Last year OU held Baylor to -48 rushing and is currently 17-0 against them.

2. Missouri(4-0) IDLE Next up: @ Nebraska
Missouri was IDLE last week but got good rest for its rivalry game against the children of the corn. Daniel and Maclin are in another world right now and this will be the only test they have had since the opener at Illinois. This is a start of a stretch of games that include Oklahoma St and a trip to Austin, so starting it off on the right foot against the Huskers will be paramount to stay with the Sooners.
Pike Stat: Pinkel after last years game said " it was the most complete game as we've had played in a long time." He may say that again after this one. GO HUSKERS!!!

3. Penn St (5-0) Beat # 18 Illinois 38-24 Next up: at Purdue
The Nittany Lions beat the best team they have played so far and bottled up the Juice in a night game in Happy Valley. Derrick Williams is a hoss, he ran, caught a pass and returned a 94 yarder. JP has had Penn St nailed all year and I am finally a believer. The Lions visit Overrated city and the mayor Curtis Painter. The Lions will push Painter to the bench and firmly puts the burner under Tiller.
Pike Stat: Penn St is 9-3-1 against Purdue and last year had a season high 29 1st downs. That could be broken this year. Painter sux!

4. Alabama (5-0) Beat #3 Georgia 41-30 Next up: Kentucky
This maybe a little low for Bama who have dismantled everyone they have seen so far. You have to give it to Saban he has them focused and they are smashing everyone. Do you think Saban misses Ricky Williams? They went into Athens last week and like Zeus took out the Chimera(Bulldogs). Bama scored on its first 5 possessions and the JP Wilson is playing really well. He passed for 205 and a TD, Julio Jones caught 94 of them, and Glenn Coffee added 2 scores. The 30 Georgia scored came in garbage time, very impressive win for the Crimson Tide.
Pike Stat: Bama is 33-2-1 all time vs the Wildcat, even though Kentucky comes in undefeated they will not have upset on the menu in Tuscaloosa.

5. LSU (4-0) Beat Mississippi St 34-24 Next up: IDLE
LSU continued its strong play by beating the JP darling Miss St. Jarrett Lee is really starting to impress me and make me forget what could have been with Perrilloux. Charles Scott continued his consistentcy by turning in his 4th consecutive game over 100 yards rushing. LSU will use the by week to get ready for the reeling Gators in the swamp.

6. Texas (4-0) Beat Arkansas 52-10 Next up: @ Colorado
Damn them horns, they keep just blowing the doors off of everyone and have beaten 3 teams by the score of 52-10(Arkansas, Florida Atlantic, Rice). Colt McCoy has been playing lights out so far and contributed 5 TD's against the PetrinoBacks. If he keeps playing like the Heisman train may show up. Up next is there toughest opponett so far in a trip to Boulder to face the Buffs. This will be closer then most think but the Horns should pull it out.
Pike Stat: Texas in their last six against the Buffs are 5-1.

7. Ohio St. (4-1) Beat Minnesota 34-21 Next up: @ #23 Wisconsin
Ohio St beat a very much improved Gopher squad and it was the return of the Beanie Wells show with 106 yards and Terrelle Pryor scored twice to secure the victory. Jim Tressel and Frank Beamer need to get together and compare notes....Mobile QB's not Statues win football games. Not to say that if Terrelle Pryor would have started they would have beaten USC, but c'mon. Well get to Tyrod later. A statement game looms this week and could restore all that was lost in Southern California. The Badgers are coming of a killer loss to the young Wolves, looks like the look ahead factor was in full effect in that one. Beanie and Terrelle should take care of the badger.
Pike Stat: OSU rallied last year scoring 28 straight in the second half to win 38-17, they also had 10 sacks. (Vernon Gholston with 4)

8. USF (5-0) Beat NC St 41-10 Next up: Pittsburgh
Like I had predicted, USF made a statement against the Wolfpack and thumped in Raleigh. Matt Grothe continued to impress by throwing for 259 and he completed his first 11 passes, if he continues this type of play, Mr Heisman could be at the door. This week they play a improving Pitt team that has won 3 straight since the Green bowled them over. USF better not be looking to the bye per Pitt has been needing a statement game badly and this could be it.
PIKE STAT: Last year USF was down 14-7 and rallied to win 48-37 at Heinz field, mainly because of 3 turnovers.

9. Georgia (4-1) Lost #11 Alabama 30-41 Next up: IDLE
Can't penalize the Dogs too much per they have played a decent non conference, and Bama is really good and maybe was rated way lower then they actually were. Although the young pups on the OL got schooled in this one and the Dawgs will have a bye week to think about what potentially what could have been.

10. BYU (4-0) IDLE Next up: @ Utah St.
Well the Cougars allowed the same amount of points as they have the last two weeks being idle. They will try to do it again against the High School team Utah St. Next toughest game for BYU is 10/16 at TCU. Their schedule will hurt BYU BCS chances but if the upsets keep coming they maybe right in line.
PIKE STAT: BYU has won 8 straight against this High School.

11. Utah (5-0) Beat Weber St 37-21 Next up: Oregon St.
The Utes played down to their opponet by letting Chris Weber St score two TD's late to make the score look closer then it actually was. They line up against the world Beater Beavers this week and should be their toughest team they have played since the opener at the Big House. Oregon St is playing really well and this will show if the Utes belong.
PIKE STAT: Utah is 4-9-1 vs the Beav, but have won 3 of the last 5. QB Brian Johnson was hurt in last years loss 24-7.

12. Auburn (4-1) Beat Tennessee 14-12 Next up: @ #16 Vanderbuilt
We have a Kodi Burns sighting, and despite Tony Franklin the Tigers come up with the win. Please give Tuberville the directions to Tressel and Beamers party and LET THE MOBILE QB PLAY!! Next up is the upstart Commodores and Chris Nickson. Vandy will be looking to prove they deserve the ranking, but Kodi Burns will keep improving and should lead them to the win.
PIKE STAT: Auburn has won 13 straight against Vandy.

13. USC (2-1) Lost to Oregon St 21-27 Next up: Oregon
Corvallis........That is all I need to say. I am not going to penalize USC by not ranking them per they throttled Ohio St., but they now can't expect to just show up and the other team forfeits. I love when a finesse team gets punched in the mouth. This is still a good football team and will need to prove something against the Ducks to ensure this was a fluke. Fab Frosh Joe McKnight was held to 10 yards.
PIKE STAT: Last year Sanchez thru a late interception allowing the Ducks to prevail, hmmm that sounds familiar....

14. Texas Tech (4-0) IDLE Next up: @ Kansas St.
Well the Red Raider preseason is finally over and now they face a actual team in K-St., a trip to Manhatten will show if this Tech team is for real. We shall see.
PIKE STAT: Tech has won 3 straight but the home team is 7-2 in this series.

15. Kansas (3-1) IDLE Next up: @ Iowa St.
Big 12 play starts with a trip to Ames, Kansas must take care of the Cyclones per the meat of the Big 12 is coming up.
PIKE STAT: Home team has won 5 of the last 6.

16. Vanderbuilt (4-0) IDLE Next up: #12 Auburn
With all the losses this weekend, Vandy vaults in the rankings in the bye week and has a ton to prove this week with Kodi Burns and Co coming to Nashville. This is potentially Vandy's biggest game in the last 5 years and could confirm they belong in the poll. Call Lionel Richie and all the other Commodores for this one they will need them.
PIKE STAT: History has not been kind to Vandy as they have lost the last 13 to Auburn by a average of 37-7.

17. Florida (3-1) Lost to Ole Miss 30-31 Next up: @ Arkansas
Florida has a better QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB, K, P, then Ole Miss the only thing they are missing is a extra point blocker. The Rebs bring the shocker to the swamp and wipe the smugness off of Urban Meyer. Former longhorn Jevan Snead looked like Colt McCoy and took down the Gators. I still can't believe it. But I can't punish the Gators to the unranked per they are just to talented.
PIKE STAT: Florida is 6-1 against the Razorbacks, but with Petrino at the helm, the Gators will make a statement in this one.

18. Maryland (4-1) Beat #17 Clemson 20-17 Next up: @ Virginia
Well Ralph "Jabba II" has finally figured out his QB situation with Chris Turner leading the charge. This is the second straight time Maryland has beat the Tiger in Death Valley and may have crushed the story book for Tommy Bowden. Watch out for "The Hyphen" Darrius Heyward-Bey, check these stats: 6 rush attempts 186 yards, and this guy is a WR(12 receptions 250 yards, 3TD's) = STUD
PIKE STAT: Maryland is a suprising 4-12 in their last 16 against the Cavs, but no Chris Long and QB issues will lead to a long day for Al Groh.

19. Virginia Tech (4-1) Beat #24 Nebraska 35-30 Next up: W Kentucky
Sean Glennon 0-1, Superman takes off his red shirt and reels off 4 straight wins! Tyrod Taylor is for real. What was Beamer thinking, well he wasn't. This team is very young and is just starting to hit its stride watch out ACC. They beat a improved Nebraska Team and Tyrod looked like he was at another gear.
PIKE STAT: Virginia Tech has won 27 straight non-conference home games, maybe the provisional should be used to drive in this one Hilltoppers. Beamer ball is back.

20. UCONN (5-0) Beat at Louisville 26-21 Next up: @ UNC
Another game another win, the Huskies are not spectacular but they keep knockin em down. They beat Louisville and the very overrated Hunter Cantwell(he is projected 1st round QB, what is everyone seeing that I am not!) and the pick 6 to Lawrence Wilson sealed the deal, take that Hunter(if that is your real name). However they face their toughest team so far when they go to Chapel Hill to face the dangerous Brandon Tate. Gut check for the Huskies.
PIKE STAT: The Huskies are 3-22-2 against the ACC. This will really be a tough one for Randy Edsall.

21. California (3-1) Beat Colorado St 42-7 Next up: Arizona St.
After coming out flat against the Terps and essentially jumpstarting their season. They had a bye week to regroup and came out and destroyed the Rams. They scored 2 TD's on special team and one on defense to control the game but they lost star RB Jahvid Best with a dislocated elbow. That could be a problem this week against a very battered Sun Devil team needing a big win, to get the season going again after dropping 2 straight.
PIKE STAT: Last year Cal lead 20-14 but ASU scored the next 17 and broke the 4 game winning streak by Cal.

22. Michigan St. (4-1) Beat at Indiana 42-29 Next up: Iowa
I really liked this team in the preseason but they got thumped in week 1 against the Cal Bears. But they have reeled of 4 straight and head into Big 10 play on a Roll in large part to Javon Ringer. He had another stellar game with 198 against the Hoosiers and my Kurt Kittner this year Brian Hoyer had another solid performance. The Hawkeyes are up next and should be another tough Big 10 game, but the Spartans and Achilles Ringer will pull it out.
PIKE STAT: The home team has won the last 8 in this series.

23. Wisconsin (3-1) Lost to Michigan 25-27 Next up: #7 Ohio St.
Well I called it last week with Bye week hangover, a Big House Mystique, and the look ahead factor, did in the Badger against the young Wolvies. So how do erase a loss to a team you were supposed to beat? Beat #7 Ohio St.! This game now turns into a must win if the Badger expect to have BCS on the mind. This will be a great one as both teams can't afford 2 losses before November.
PIKE STAT: The Badger has won 3 of the last 5 and led last year 17-10 in the 3rd Quarter last year, then PJ Hill was injured and they rushed for 12 yards the rest of the game and lost 38-17.

24. Northwestern (5-0) Beat at Iowa 22-17 Next up: IDLE
Like last weeks Mountain West overload, the Big 10 has creeped into my Top 25 with 5 teams making it. The Wildcats win a tough one in Iowa City. CJ Bacher rallied the Cats from 14 down to end the game with 284 yards passing and the win. This team is much better then the experts think, the defense is underrated.

25. Boise St. (3-0) IDLE Next up: LA Tech
This team is hanging by a thread in my rankings and living off of its win over Oregon. This team also benefited from all the losses this week and they will have to continue to blow out their opponett's to stay in the ranking per their schedule is plain WACky.
PIKE STAT: Broncos have won the last 6 by a average of 24.

Teams On Deck(in no order)

Tulsa (4-0) Beat C Arkansas 62-34 Next up: Rice

Kentucky (4-0) Beat W Kentucky 41-3 Next Up: @ #4 Alabama

Oregon (4-1) Beat at Wash St. 63-14 Next up: @ #13 USC

TCU (4-1) Lost to #2 OU 10-35 Next up: San Diego St.

Nebraska (3-1) Lost to VA Tech 30-35 Next up: #2 Missouri

Oklahoma St. (4-0) Beat Troy 55-24 Next up: Texas A&M

Florida St. (3-1) Beat #25 Colorado 39-21 Next up: @ Miami

Colorado (3-1) Lost to FSU 21-39 Next up: #6 Texas

Ball St. (5-0) Beat Kent St 41-20 Next up: @ Toledo

Wake Forest (3-1) Lost to Navy 17-24 Next up: IDLE

Teams I have a eye on:(In no order)
Arizona, W Michigan, Pittsburgh, Oregon St., Ole Miss, Michigan, Nevada, Clemson, Illinois, UNLV

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