Football for Breakfast

It’s week three and it looks like most of the cupcakes are finally gone. Weird – for some reason I just had a flashback to food days at work. Anyway, there are three top 25 matchups this week, which is one more than the first two weeks combined. There’s also the first BIG game of the year between Ohio State and USC tonight. Overall there should be quite a few more entertaining games this week.

At the risk of sounding like a paid advertisement, I’d like to relay to you one of the great discoveries I’ve made in quite some time: ESPN60.com. I was able to tune it to way more games last weekend than I ever imagined possible. The video quality is great and it’s quite amazing being able to flip back and forth between several games so quickly. Check it out sometime if you have the chance.

I watched the Washington State/Baylor game that was moved to Friday night due to Hurricane Ike. Those two teams are awful. Washington State in particular might be the worst team in the nation. There’s only one reason I bring this game up and his name is Robert Griffin. Griffin was by far the best athlete on the field, running for 217 yards and 2 touchdowns on only 11 carries. He also displayed a strong arm and nice touch on the deep ball as well. He’s already probably the best player Baylor has had in years and will be a factor in the Big XII for the next couple years.

Before the games kick off, here’s a few more picks:
Michigan State 34, Florida Atlantic 21
Duke 34, Navy 27
Buffalo 25, Temple 18
Ball State 36, Akron 30
Michigan 16, Notre Dame 13
Virginia Tech 13, Georgia Tech 10
Oregon State 34, Hawaii 24
Nebraska 40, New Mexico State 21
Connecticut 20, Virginia 10
Arizona 27, New Mexico 20

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