SEC - QB Rankings

1. Matthew Stafford, Georgia
What? Really? Did you ever think maybe I just didn't want to rank Dr. Tebow, Ph.D. #1? Don't be surprised if this ranking looks a lot better four years from now though. Stafford has all the physical tools in the world and this looks to be his breakout year. Georgia is poised to make a run at the national title so he'll have plenty of opportunities to make big plays. Stafford has been taking small but noticeable steps in his development, so he should be ready to unleash his howitzer more frequently and consistently in big games.

2. Tim Tebow, Florida
The reigning Heisman Trophy winner put up gaudy numbers in his first full season starting. Scratch that - he put up RIDICULOUS numbers last year. 32 passing touchdowns and 23 rushing touchdowns sounds like a video game stat line, but Tebow pulled it off. He's a fantastic player who isn't afraid to take a hit and yet can still throw the ball around the yard. Call me crazy for this comparison, but he reminds me of Scott Frost, if Scott Frost could throw.

3. John Parker Wilson, Alabama
In an inconsistent season for the Crimson Tide in 2007, Wilson was one of the most inconsistent cogs in the machine. As with the rest of the team though, when Wilson was good, he was really good. If the senior can put it all together this season and cut down on his mistakes, he could lead Alabama into the thick of the SEC West race.

4. Jonathan Crompton, Tennessee
This is sort of a gut feeling ranking. Crompton has some game experience for the Vols and he's taking over the new fast paced spread offense being installed by new offensive coordinator Dave Clawson. From what little I've seen from Crompton, he seems to have the confidence and quick decision making ability to execute this offense well.


Chris Nickson, Vandy
Nickson was very impressive in taking over for Jay Cutler in 2006, but ran into some nagging injuries in 2007 that held him out of the lineup most of the second half of the season. When he's healthy he's actually a dangerous weapon that makes opposing defenses take notice. His running ability can neutralize one of those speedy SEC pass rushes, which is a big factor in buying him time in the passing game. If Nickson can stay healthy, he'll be the starter and give Vandy a fighting chance to win at least one SEC contest in 2008.

Kodi Burns, Auburn
After being named MVP of the Peach Bowl while running the new spread offense at Auburn, Burns was treated to a QB competition with Chris Todd this spring. Burns managed to come out on top, but he'll probably be splitting time with Todd this season. His running ability will set him apart though and make the spread a little more dangerous, so don't be surprised if Burns is the man directing some of Auburn's more crucial drives in 2008.

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B.Pike said...

Mine is about the same just with Tebow and Stafford switching places. Tebow's numbers are crazy and he has a ton of weapons with one more year experience.

Watch for: Burns also, finally we can see what the offense can do now that Coxy is gone. Another one to watch out for is Jevan Sneed I know he broke up with your team but I look for him to lead Ole Miss to a bowl. Also he has a great OL.