Big XII's Best QBs

1. Chase Daniel, Missouri
The Missouri signal caller oozes confidence and leadership. He was so good in 2007 that he almost completely negated the "Gary Pinkel Factor" by leading the Tigers to 12 wins. Daniel will be in the running for the Heisman Trophy in 2008.

2. Graham Harrell, Texas Tech
His video game numbers (5,705 yards, 48 TDs) actually seem to hurt him. Instead of noticing the impressive arm strength and deep ball touch, he is written off as a system quarterback. Don't listen to that set though, he's the most talented QB in the Mike Leach era.

3. Colt McCoy, Texas
McCoy's sophomore season almost seemed like a letdown due to the expectations heaped on him after his incredible freshman season. He'll bounce back into form in 2008 though as he continues to grow up in front of one of the most quarterback-critical crowds in the nation. Hey, can you blame them for being jaded after the Major Applewhite/Chris Simms situation?

4. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
The freshman "burst" onto the scene in 2007 by breaking Colt McCoy's record with 36 touchdown passes as a freshman. He's a steady performer, but he also had a ton of talent around him and a superb offensive lineman to make him look good. He also has to learn how to run the no huddle offense the Sooners plan on running in 2008.

5. Joe Ganz, Nebraska
Why exactly wasn't this guy on the field the first nine games of last season? After Sam Keller's injury against Texas, Ganz took over and not only threw for more touchdowns (in only three games!) but seemed to inspire his teammates, which is something the coaching staff never seemed to accomplish. With more confidence placed in him by the new coaching staff, look for Ganz to have a big breakout season.

Jarrod Johnson, Texas A&M
The big, strong armed sophomore might actually get a shot at the starting job. Even if he doesn't win the job outright he can take solace in the fact that he's by far the most talented QB on the roster.

Austen Arnaud / Phillip Bates, Iowa State
Both sophomore quarterbacks have above average athleticism and a bigger upside than any Iowa State quarterback since Seneca Wallace. Whoever wins the job will benefit from an offense that is gaining momentum.


B.Pike said...

My Top 5 go a little something like this:

5. Cody Hawkins: Daddy's little boy, will lead the team. (not ranked in your poll)
4. Todd Reesing: 33 TD's and 7 and doesn't make your top 5...sensing a grudge factor.
3. Chase Daniel: Two words Jeremy Maclin.(#3 in your poll also)
2. Graham Harrell: A bit offense I know but can't argue with his accuracy.(#2 in your poll)
1. Sam Bradford: Will continue to grow into one of the best OU QB's they have ever had. Call Jamelle Holloway...

J.Pike said...

I like Todd Reesing. I just think his physical limitations (compared to the others on this list) as well as a significantly tougher schedule this year will allow others like Joe Ganz to surpass him.

I'll get back to you about Sam Bradford at the end of the year. I could be wrong about him, but I have a feeling he could suffer a Colt McCoy-esque sophomore slump.