Big XII Media Days - Sherman Speaks

Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman dropped some bombs at Big XII media days yesterday. When asked about the quarterback situation, due in large part to the fact Stephen McGee, the incumbent senior, wasn't present at the meetings, Sherman had this to say:

"I have confidence that we're going to have a very good quarterback when we start the season. I think he'll play at a higher level because of the competition. It would be unfair to me to just walk in and hand Stephen the job - and I've told him that. He's going to have to earn it. I think in fairness to him he has to work. In fairness to Jerrod, they both have to work to compete against one another and earn the job."

I know Aggie fans have grown accustomed to quarterbacks throwing 15-yard ducks (from Cory Pullig to Randy McCown to Stephen McGee, jelly-armed quarterbacks are almost as storied a tradition as the 12th man!), but I think they know deep down Jerrod Johnson will be a much better fit for the new offense. Sherman knows how to win football games and it's pretty obvious to most outside of College Station that McGee has a very average arm. Johnson on the other hand possesses a cannon that will open up the offense and keep defenses from stacking the box to stop Mike Goodson, which brings me to Sherman's second bombshell:

"When I came in... [Javorskie] came up to me shortly before my press conference, introduced himself, and at that time I told him, you're going to be a fullback. And there was no hemming and hawing about it. He didn't seem totally pleased with it but didn't balk at it necessarily."

Sorry JaPorky. Looks like 285-pound offensive guards are no longer going to get carries in the A&M offense - you can go take your aggression out on the water boy again if will make you feel better. Mike Goodson is a fantastic back with All-America-caliber skills that have been begging to be unleashed full time. Lane on the other hand has done nothing but run over poor, undersized Baylor linebackers (and the like) and steal time away from Goodson. With Sherman's decision to move JaPorky to fullback, it will now be Goodson's time to shine.

Jerrod Johnson is a big-time talent that at least deserves a shot at the starting job. If McGee is able to win the job then more power to him. But at least Mike Sherman is going to make sure his best players are on the field this fall, which is something that should excite Aggie fans.

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Sherman will be better then Fran but I wonder how much you have to pay to get on his newsletter?