Big Ten - Best QBs

1. Kellen Lewis, Indiana
Yes, Indiana is home to the best quarterback in the Big Ten. Others may get more accolades for playing on better teams (Todd Boeckman), but Lewis does more for his team than anyone else. In leading the Hoosiers to their first bowl game in 14 years, Lewis led the team in both passing (3,043 yards) and rushing yards (736 yards), and accounted for 37 of the 46 offensive touchdowns Indiana scored in 2007. He served a suspension over the summer for violating team rules, but was reinstated a couple weeks ago. Just in time to pick up where he left off as one of the most dangerous single players in the conference.

2. Isiah "Juice" Williams, Illinois
Possessor of one of the strongest arms in the nation, Juice earns this ranking based mostly on his potential. Up to now he hasn't displayed the consistency desired from a quarterback, but he has flashed moments of brilliance that make you realize he has the potential to be one of the best in the nation. Seriously, he could throw a football through Javorskie Lane's gut - his arm is that strong. That arm paired with legs that carried him to 755 rushing yards and 7 touchdowns (not to mention an upset victory over Ohio State late last season) could make for a deadly combination ..... IF he can take the next step and develop some consistency in '08.

3. Todd Boeckman, Ohio State
Well, Boeckman has a lot more talent around him, but he's no schmoe. After hiding in Troy Smith's considerable shadow for the first three years of his career, Boeckman took over the offense in 2007 and steadily guided Ohio State to yet another national championship game. He doesn't have any flashy skills that will blow you off your couch, but he's solid and does everything Jim Tressel asks of him.

4. C.J. Bacher, Northwestern
An underrated signal caller on an often overlooked team. Bacher can play though, so don't be surprised if Northwestern nabs an upset victory or two this season.

5. Curtis Painter, Purdue
Yawn. So they like to pass a lot. Big deal.


Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State
If you don't know by now, you better axe somebody. Or something like that. This kid was the top recruit in the country and chose Ohio State over a chance to play right away at Michigan. Only Jim Tressel knows how much he'll see the field in 2007, but expect to find out about his athleticism long before you know anything about his arm.

Eddie McGee, Illinois
If for any reason the Juice can't go (injury, etc.), the Illini are in good hands. McGee saw the field a little bit in 2007 and proved he has plenty of skills of his own. A multi-dimensional threat out of the quarterback position, he's not as talented as Juice is, but he seems more polished at times.

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B.Pike said...

5. Curtis Painter(your rank #5)-no kidding good stats, but big deal.

4. Kellen Lewis(#1) like the package but a little high for me, James Hardy will be missed.

3. Todd Boekman/Pryor(#3) Just don't make a mistake QB for the Buckeye machine, Pryor will contribute.

2. Brian Hoyer(NR) I really like this kid and I believe he helped Devin Thomas become extremely overrated.

1. Juice-(#2)-Like everything about this kid.

Watch For- I agree CJ is right under the radar as well as Adam Weber from Minnesota, something tells me Minnesota will upset someone this year...Just a feeling.