Crazy high school coaches...

Check this out. Some high school in Piedmont, CA is running an offense with two quarterbacks on the field at once (I swear I've heard that idea somewhere before...) and only one offensive lineman. The idea is that every player is available to catch a pass on every play. Craziness.


In other news, I'm already getting pumped for the Florida/Georgia game. It's not even August yet (the game is on November 1st), but the trash talk is already flying at SEC Media days. After the big celebration in the end zone by Georgia following their first touchdown in last year's game, the Gators are ready to get back at the Dawgs. Why they didn't get back at them in the game last year (the celebration was only in the first quarter), I'm not sure. But I guarantee you they hype going into this game is going to be as big as any game all year.

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Anonymous said...

pure. unadulterated. craziness.