B.o.C. - JOEPA REGION - Round 1

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(seed) year school - score

(5) 1999 Florida State - 27
(188) 1980 Nebraska - 23
The Nebraska offense actually managed to penetrate the Florida State defense a couple times early on, but FSU controlled the second half en route to the win.

Jarvis Redwine had a 24-yard touchdown run, and Jeff Quinn threw a 26-yard touchdown pass to Todd Brown. But a receiving corps of Peter Warrick, Ron Dugans, Marvin Minnis, and Anquan Boldin proved to be too much for Andy Means and the Nebraska secondary in the second half.

(21) 1991 Washington - 33
(44) 2000 Virginia Tech - 24
Michael Vick had a pair of highlight reel runs, but receiver Mario Bailey upped the ante with three touchdown receptions as the Huskies fought their way to the Round of 32.

Even the "Purple Reign" defense couldn't reign in Vick, who finished with 132 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns. But Ronyell Whitaker had his hands full with Bailey, who had 6 receptions for 178 yards and 3 touchdowns.

(141) 2001 Florida - 31
(52) 2002 USC - 27
Rex Grossman stayed hot as the 2001 Gators continued their unexpected run through this tournament with a comeback win over the 2002 Trojans.

Alex Brown, after a quiet couple of rounds, returned with a vengeance, sacking Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer twice and just missing two other sack opportunities. But the Trojans still held a 27-24 lead late in the fourth quarter when Grossman came up big. The senior quarterback led a gutty 68-yard touchdown drive against Troy Polamalu and the intimidating USC defense. He threw for all 68 yards on the drive, and found Taylor Jacobs for the game winner with just 27 seconds left on the clock when most of the stadium expected the Gators to set up a game-tying field goal.

(100) 2006 Ohio State - 20
(36) 2008 Florida - 28
It's like a nightmare that keeps repeating itself to Buckeye fans. Jim Tressel vs Urban Meyer keeps ending up with the same results, and this tournament is no exception. Troy Smith and Ohio State kept it much closer this time around. Vernon Gholston and the defense actually contained the Gator offense, allowing just 297 total yards. But the Florida defense came up with a touchdown (Ahmad Black interception return) in addition to limiting the Buckeyes to 37 rushing yards.

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