B.o.C. - BO REGION - Round 1

(seed) year school - score

(95) 2000 Florida State - 29
(31) 2008 Texas - 27
Texas' young secondary got the best of them when a late touchdown pass gave the Seminoles the win. After trailing most of the game, Chris Weinke found Marvin Minnis, who made a great move to get by Earl Thomas and into the end zone with just 35 seconds left on the clock.

Colt McCoy played another fine game, going 23-for-27 with 267 yards and three touchdown passes, but the lack of a running game against a front line that featured Darnell Dockett and David Warren caused several promising drives to stall.

Even though the 2008 Longhorns got eliminated from The Greatest Tournament of all time, Texas fans will never forget (even if the rest of the nation did) beating Oklahoma in the Red River Shootout.

(178) 1999 Virginia Tech - 17
(15) 1991 Miami - 24
The National Championship defense of 1991 Miami contained Michael Vick, Shyrone Stith, and Andre' Davis to the tune of 258 yards as the Hurricanes put yet another team into the round of 32.

Linebackers Michael Barrow and Jessie Armstead, along with All American safety Darryl Williams put a clamp-down on the Hokies offense. Vick ran some circles around defenders, but it was a lot of running for not a lot of yards.

For Miami, Gino Torretta was sacked three times, twice by pass rush specialist Corey Moore. But he was still able to complete enough passes to keep the chains moving and to keep the Hurricanes a step ahead of the Hokies on the scoreboard.

(87) 1983 Nebraska - 26
(23) 1997 Michigan - 20
For a time it looked like we might get to see 1997 Michigan face 1997 Nebraska in a de-facto national championship game to finally settle the split championship from that season (both teams are in the Bo Regional). But 1983 Nebraska got to the '97 Wolverines first.

Charles Woodson played his usual great game, scoring two offensive touchdowns for Michigan. But he was a non-factor on defense against Mike Rozier and the Nebraska running game. Even with Glen Steele, Rob Renes, Sam Sword, and Dhani Jones in the front seven, a diverse Nebraska offense was able to put enough yards and points on the board to secure the victory.

On the other side of the ball, other than the two Woodson scores, Brian Griese and the Michgian offense didn't do much. Griese threw two interceptions and Chris Howard and Anthony Thomas were held to just 72 rushing yards between the two of them.

(58) 1985 Michigan - 17
(7) 1987 Miami - 20
Michigan's great '85 defense held up strong against the National Champion '87 'Canes, but the offense couldn't muster enough points to capitalize and advance.

Bennie Blades actually scored one of the two Miami touchdowns on a 62-yard return of a Bob Perryman fumble. The Hurricane offense only picked up 231 yards thanks to the penetrating defensive line (Mark Hammerstein, Mark Messner) of Michigan.

Miami's defense kept them in the game by limiting Jamie Morris, Jim Harbaugh, and the rest of the Wolverine offense to 17 points.

Bracket of Champions - Bo Region
Next Round Matchups:
(2) 2005 Texas vs (95) 2000 Florida State
(15) 1991 Miami vs (18) 1994 Penn State
(10) 2004 USC vs (87) 1983 Nebraska
(7) 1987 Miami vs (26) 1997 Nebraska

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