Poindexter Plays of the Year

I just haven't had enough awards this year, so I went and created another one. This one is called the Poindexter Plays of the Year. It is named after Anthony Poindexter's goal line hit on Warrick Dunn of Florida State on the last play of a 1995 game, securing a Virginia win and handing Florida State their first ever loss in ACC play.

The award is obviously going to be handed out in honor of the best, most memorable plays of the season. For the record, if we were around last year, Pikes Picks would have obviously given a Poindexter Play of the Year to the referee who called the "giving him the business" penalty [LINK].

Here are the top three plays from the 2008 season:

October 18, 2008
LSU @ South Carolina

Referee Wilbur Hacket makes an open field tackle that would make Lawrence Taylor proud.

September 13, 2008
Temple @ Buffalo

Buffalo quarterback Drew Willy completes a game winning hail mary to Naaman Roosevelt to beat Temple on the last play of the game.

November 1, 2008
Texas @ Texas Tech

Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree makes a catch for the ages with one second left to beat #1 Texas.

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