J.Pike's National Title Game Rant

Nice one Sooners.

Can everyone in the media (including you, Mr. B.Pike) please come out and admit that you were all wrong about Oklahoma? You got caught up in offensive numbers, inflated by the likes of Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and Missouri - were any of those teams impressive in their bowl games? - and rewarded an undeserving team a spot in the Big XII Championship game and then the BCS National Title game.

As wrong as it was to send OU to those games, it was nothing compared to the egg the Sooners laid tonight against Florida. When a team is literally HANDED a golden opportunity, and they not only squander it with one of the worst offensive game plans in championship game history, but then QUIT with five minutes left in the game, it says a lot about the character of that team.

Say what you want about Tim Tebow (and believe me - I did tonight), at least he acted like he wanted to win the game.

The most desire I saw out of Oklahoma all night was when safety Nic Harris tried to rip Percy Harvin's leg off after making a tackle late in the game. I'm not sure why there wasn't a flag on that play, but it was the only sign of a pulse I saw from any OU player.

If you can't beat 'em - injure 'em. Is that what Stoopsie is teaching his team nowadays? Because he sure didn't put any thought into the offensive gameplan. Oklahoma made their living all season by being aggressive and dictating tempo to defenses. I saw one drive like that tonight, and it resulted in an easy OU touchdown. Sam Bradford spent the rest of the game looking over at the sideline waiting for an indecisive coaching staff to call in the same vanilla plays over and over again.

For instance, when Oklahoma was down on the Florida goal line, why did they not once attempt to find Jermaine Gresham? Nobody has been able to cover that guy all season - and you've got the freaking Heisman Trophy winner at quarterback! Instead, the Sooners lined up in the I-Formation with two tight ends for seemingly the first time all season and ran the same off tackle play three times in a row. It's no surprise they came up empty.

It's completely ridiculous to me that the Oklahoma coaching staff changed their entire offensive philosophy for this one game. Sam Bradford really is one of the best quarterbacks in the nation, but the coaching staff didn't give him the tools to make anything happen tonight.

Which brings me to my final question: Why is Oklahoma treated like a god by the media while Ohio State is a national punch line? Seriously, think about it. Over the last few years, which team has been worse in Big Games? The Vest or Big Game Bob?

Sure, Ohio State has the three black eyes from their performances against LSU and Florida in the past two national championship games, and USC earlier this season. But Oklahoma has lost five consecutive bowl games, including getting blown out by USC and West Virginia, losing to Boise State, and of course the heartless performance against Florida tonight. Oh yeah, and Stoops is 1-3 the last four years against Texas too.

So what's the difference? Ohio State got dumped on all season, yet Oklahoma received more praise than anybody this side of Tim Tebow. How does that make any sense? Is anybody (including all of you who voted Oklahoma ahead of Texas in their final regular season polls) beginning to see the error of their ways?

All I'm asking is this - can we please not let this happen again?

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