J.Pike's Ballot: Bo Jackson Trophy

The final award for the 2008 season is the Bo Jackson Trophy. Consider this Pikes Picks' answer to the Heisman Trophy. We don't try to fool you into thinking we consider defensive players for the award though (that's what we created the Arrington Trophy for), and we'll even consider linemen if they are worthy.

The inaugural Bo Jackson Trophy was a difficult one to hand out, as there were a large number of worthy candidates. But Colt McCoy is my choice because he stood out for the entire season, from start to finish.

Sam Bradford and Andre Smith were my other top choices heading into the bowls. However, Smith didn't even play thanks to an issue with an agent, so I replaced him with Knowshon Moreno - one of my all time favorite running backs to watch. As for Bradford, if his own coaches don't think enough of him to turn him loose in the national championship game, then I can't justify giving him this award.

McCoy routinely surprised me with not only his accuracy and decision making, but his athleticism and leadership skills. The final drive in the Fiesta Bowl was the perfect capper to a brilliant season any quarterback would be lucky to duplicate.

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