JP25 Update

I'm about to do something I never thought I would ever have to do: vote for a Mike Leach Texas Tech team number one in the nation. What changed in the world for me to come to this decision?

Well, for one thing, Mike Leach is actually mixing in the run quite nicely for a change. Running backs Baron Batch and Shannon Woods have combined for 1,255 rushing yards this year - way more than I ever though I'd see from a Leach offense.

Then there's the defense. Who among us ever thought they'd read the following sentence on Pikes Picks: Entering the big matchup with Oklahoma, Texas Tech has the advantage because their defense is playing better than Oklahoma's. Whoa!!

But it's true. Leach is learning that if you run the ball a little to keep the clock moving and the defense off the field, and that if you don't put your defense in a bad position two or three times a game because you want to go for it on fourth down - you can actually win some big games here and there. Texas Tech has done just that.

I ended up ranking Texas Tech #1 and Alabama #2 because I think Texas Tech is flat out the better team. I love 'Bama's physical style of play - they kind of remind me of Nebraska back in the day when you knew exactly what they were going to do but you still couldn't stop them because they were just better than you. But Alabama almost lost to and LSU team on Saturday that had absolutely zero contribution from their quarterback. I can't imagine the Crimson Tide keeping Michael Crabtree out of the end zone, and at the end of the day, I don't think Alabama could keep up with Tech.

Wow, I can't believe I just wrote that.

Top 25 (last week, record)
1. Texas Tech (3, 10-0)
2. Alabama (2, 10-0)
3. Texas (4, 9-1)
4. Florida (7, 8-1)
5. Oklahoma (6, 9-1)
6. Penn State (1, 9-1)
7. USC (5, 8-1)
8. Georgia (9, 8-2)
9. Ohio State (10, 8-2)
10. Utah (11, 10-0)
11. Oklahoma State (8, 8-2)
12. Boise State (14, 9-0)
13. LSU (15, 6-3)
14. Missouri (12, 8-2)
15. North Carolina (20, 7-2)
16. California (17, 6-3)
17. TCU (13, 9-2)
18. Michigan State (18, 9-2)
19. Georgia Tech (19, 7-3)
20. Florida State (22, 7-2)
21. Virginia Tech (25, 6-3)
22. Pittsburgh (23, 7-2)
23. Boston College (NR, 6-3)
24. Oregon (21, 7-3)
25. Cincinnati (NR, 7-2)

Dropped Out: Maryland (16), Kansas (24)

Just Missed the Cut: South Carolina (7-3), Oregon State (6-3), Maryland (6-3), Kentucky (6-4), West Virginia (6-3), Northwestern (7-3), BYU (9-1), Ball State (9-0), Iowa (6-4)

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