BP25 Week 2

1 Alabama 1-0 vs #100 FIU Prediction: WIN
I know how can I have Alabama #1? Well I like to reward teams that do not shy away from a challenge and scheduling, and beating a very tough #7 Virginia Tech team in the opener deserves some credibility! At least it wasn't Charleston Southern? What a punishing running game Bama exhibited against a very stout VTech D. Mark Ingram and Roy Upchurch combined for 240 yards and it seemed a one on one tackle wasn't working on these two. Greg McElroy was solid in his first start 15-30 230 yards, but Julio was doubled all night and came away with 4 catches for 46 yards, he will have no problem this weekend against FIU which has two 5'10 corners against the 6'4 Jones, YIKES!

2 Florida 1-0 vs #76 TROY Prediction: WIN
Well the gators did what they were supposed to, but did not cover the 73 point spread and did not get the shut out. Disappointed? Does Urban Meyer have some compassion? Will see again this week as the Trojans come to town after a very lackluster performance against Bowling Green in which they couldn't stop the Falcon offense. I think Florida has a slightly better offense, Florida may put 70 on Troy.

3 Texas 1-0 vs #96 WYOMING Prediction: WIN
Texas looked impressive in the opener and Wyoming is completely overmatched in this one in all phases. Colt McCoy got his 300 yards and Shipley got his touchdown, so it was a business at usual day from the Horns in which it was a 38-10 halftime lead sot the starters will be well rested going into this game. It will be ugly. Horns roll!

4 Southern Cal. 1-0 AT #5 OHIO ST Prediction: WIN
The Matt Barkley era has begun at USC and don't get me wrong he looked impressive throwing 15-19 for 233 and he wasn't even breathed on by the San Jose St defense, but he doesn't have to do much, he just turns on the key to offense which is its obscene stable of backs. They ran for 342 yards last week lead by Joe McKnight who seems to be really seems to be the spark on the offense. The defense was incredible limiting San Jose St to 9 yards! But this week will be different and the mobility of Terrelle Pryor will test the lateral speed of this very young USC D. Pete Carroll will have this team focused and they will take care of Buckeyes.

5 Ohio St. 1-0 vs #4 USC Prediction: LOSS
Can you say look ahead? That is what caught the Buckeyes and almost cost them the season. Congrats to the Midshipmen which always seem to give the unfocused teams fits. But last week was last week, The game of the weekend is at hand and it will be in the hands of Terrelle Pryor. Yes he is fast, yes he is elusive, yes he can throw on the run(benefit of the doubt), but the one thing I think of when I see him is SOFT. USC will put pressure on him and will flush him out of the pocket, meaning open season, it will be interesting to see how he responds to the big hit, because Taylor Mays will be there to deliver. I like Terrelle Pryor and I hope for success but Ohio State is two inexperienced at the wideout position(wideouts last week caught 8 passes). One Dimension rings in this game, but that one Dimension is really good, Mr Pryor good luck and God Bless, it will be a long day!

6 Penn St. 1-0 vs #91 SYRACUSE Prediction: WIN
JoePa has them thinking BCS and now they face a ex-point guard from Duke at QB. I bet Mike Paulus starts practicing his jumpshot after this one.

7 Mississippi 1-0 IDLE IDLE
Jevan Snead and Dexter McClouster handled Memphis, which was a game for 3 quarters but the Rebels scored 4 times in the 4th quarter to put them away.

8 Virginia Tech 0-1 vs #84 MARSHALL Prediction: WIN
Yes I only dropped them to #8 like I said with Alabama, I like to see teams schedule tough games and I will not penalize a team harshly for losing to a good team. They welcome the Thundering Herd to Blacksburg this week and it will be interesting to see if there is any Alabama-Slama hangover in this one. I don't think there will be look for the shutout.

9 Boise St. 1-0 vs #119 MIAMI OH Prediction: WIN
Well this may be the highest you will see Boise State all year. They are coming off there first home win over a ranked opponett(they have only played one in the last ten years) and now they open up there 11 game March to the BCS. If they slip up it will be incredible but this week they will put up 60 on the Redhawks. Damn I hate the BCS.

10 BYU 1-0 AT #107 TULANE Prediction: WIN
Cinderella just showed up everyone and his name is Max Hall. Wow what a defensive showing by the Cougars, who allowed the potent OU offense 265 total yards passing and rushing. I know they were without Jermaine Gresham and Sam Bradford for most of the game but none of players on the BYU team would ever be considered better athleticly then the Sooners have on their 4 deep depth chart. Fantastic win for the Cougs and the Mountain West is certainly making the case to be more deserved a BCS spot then the Big East. They will throttle Tulane on the high from the OU upset.

11 Oklahoma 0-1 vs IDAHO ST Prediction: WIN
Sam Bradford out for 4 weeks, may be short enought for them to stay in contention.

12 Oklahoma St. 1-0 vs #42 HOUSTON Prediction: WIN
I know they beat Georgia, but I think people will be suprised about how far Georgia will fall this year. Watch out for the Cougs!

13 California 1-0 vs E WASHINGTON Prediction: WIN
Cal Blowout nuff said, E Washington? Really?

14 LSU 1-0 vs #53 VANDERBUILT Prediction: WIN
Beat a 0-12 team last year and now face Vanderbuilt, when does LSU season begin?

15 Nebraska 1-0 vs #89 ARKANSAS ST Prediction: WIN
Bo Pelini has them focused and motivated that will continue this week.

16 Georgia 0-1 vs #39 SOUTH CAROLINA Prediction: LOSS
Upset alert, letdown factor and Joe Cox is very average. Say hello to Eric Norwood.

17 TCU 0-0 AT #108 VIRGINIA Prediction: WIN
They get the loser of the William and Mary game. Cavs are horrible, Goodbye Al Groh!

18 Georgia Tech 1-0 vs #33 CLEMSON Prediction: WIN
Second best game of the weekend and GTech out works another ACC team.

19 Utah 1-0 AT #90 SAN JOSE ST Prediction: WIN
Get the dismantled San Jose St team, should have a cake walk.

20 Michigan St. 1-0 vs #59 CENT MICHIGAN Prediction: WIN
The Spartans will get a test from another state school, Mark D'Antonio will not let the slip happen.

21 North Carolina 1-0 AT #57 UCONN Prediction: WIN
22 Iowa 1-0 AT #92 IOWA ST Prediction: LOSS
23 Miami (Fla.) 1-0 IDLE IDLE
24 Florida St. 0-1 JACKSONVILLE ST Prediction: WIN
25 Texas Tech 1-0 #88 RICE Prediction: WIN

Best of the Rest.
Cincinnati 1-0 SE MISSOURI ST Prediction: WIN
Oregon 0-1 #69 PURDUE Prediction: WIN
Oregon St. 1-0 AT #81 UNLV Prediction: WIN
West Virginia 1-0 #47 EAST CAROLINA Prediction: LOSS
Pittsburgh 1-0 AT #71 BUFFALO Prediction: LOSS
Notre Dame 1-0 AT #60 MICHIGAN Prediction: WIN
Missouri 1-0 #75 BOWLING GREEN Prediction: WIN

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