Tommie Frazier Award Finalists

Just because the regular season is finished doesn't mean there is no more football to talk for a while - it's awards season! Pikes Picks has decided that the real awards, namely the Heisman Trophy, no longer go to deserving candidates. So we came up with our own awards.


The Tommie Frazier Award, named after the great Nebraska quarterback, is given to the quarterback we deem to be the most exciting to watch. This could include any number of factors, but knowing Brent and myself it will come down to a quarterback that is as likely to make the highlight reels with an 80 yard run as he is with an 80 yard pass.

The following six quarterbacks were nominated as finalists for the Frazier Award by J.Pike.

J.Pike's Finalists

(Freshman QB, Baylor)
Key Stats
Passing: 2,091 yards, 15 td, 3 int;
Rushing: 843 yards, 4.9 avg, 13 td;
242.4 total offensive yards per game, 28 total touchdowns;
Set NCAA freshman record for most consecutive passes without an interception

(Junior QB, Texas)
Key Stats
Passing: 3,445 yards, 32 td, 7 int, 77.6 completion percentage;
Rushing: 576 yards, 4.5 avg, 10 td;
335.1 total offensive yards per game, 42 total touchdowns;
Led Texas to an 11-1 record

(Sophomore QB, Virginia Tech)
Key Stats
Passing: 896 yards, 2 td;
Rushing: 691 yards, 5.2 avg, 6 td;
144.3 total offensive yards per game, 8 total touchdowns;
The Hokies were 7-2 in games Taylor started;
Taylor is arguably the most elusive quarterback in the nation

(Senior QB, West Virginia)
Key Stats
Passing: 1,510 yards, 18 td, 6 int;
Rushing: 919 yards, 5.4 avg, 8 td;
220.8 total offensive yards per game, 26 total touchdowns;
Graduates as the NCAA's all time leader in rushing yards from the quarterback position

(Junior QB, Illinois)
Key Stats
Passing: 3,173 yards, 22 td;
Rushing: 719 yards, 4.1 avg, 5 td;
324.3 total offensive yards per game, 27 total touchdowns;
Williams has a cannon for an arm, one of the strongest in the nation

(RS-Freshman QB, N.C. State)
Key Stats
Passing: 1,769 yards, 16 td, 1 int;
Rushing: 342 yards, 3.2 avg, 4 td;
211.1 total offensive yards per game, 20 total touchdowns;
Wilson threw at least two touchdowns in 7 of the 10 games he started;
He only threw one interception all season and was easily the most polished freshman quarterback in the country

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